Futon Review: D&D Traditional Japanese Floor Futon

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In Short

D&D Futon Furniture Japanese style floor mats are some of the best priced futons on the market – with no compromise on comfort or quality.

The D&D Futon Furniture Traditional Japanese Floor futon is surprisingly comfortable. I find it a great mix of affordability and comfort, wrapped up in a minimalist package.


While a 3″ mattress may not excite you, take a closer look. Some experts are starting to rediscover the benefits of sleeping on minimal bedding. I’ve found that these thinner mattresses are the best thing for my tricky back: thick, soft mattresses just left me sleeping in one position all night, allowing sore and stiff spots to develop. I used to feel like older than my years getting out of bed. These thin, simple and yes, cheap futon mattresses changed all of that.

Even if you are not using it for daily sleep, these occupy very little space when folded, beating the best air mattress for portable, durable beds that can be stored in a closet. This is great for minimalist living, tiny houses or small spaces – you just fold up your bed and stow it away to turn your space into a living area in seconds.

New parents will find floor futons an affordable and safe choice for young children. Instead of buying a toddler bed, placing a child’s mattress directly on the floor means your child can be independent and safe from a young age. When they wake, they can get up out of bed and play – and there is no worry about them falling out in the night.

Another great feature is that you can fold this futon up and carry it with you wherever you go. If you are planning to travel or you move a lot, this is an excellent choice: the twin size weighs only 14 pounds! Some folks even use these for yoga, meditation or car camping.



  • Made from high quality cotton, a polyester layer and another layer of resilient foam
  • Easy to store, easy to carry, easy to fold into a floor cushion
  • Queen: 80x60x3 inches, weight 26 pounds
  • Twin: 80x30x3 inches, weight 14 pounds
  • Available in a wide range of colours (twin size)
  • If you need more padding, buy two and double up – at this price it is still a bargain


  • Comfortable – you’ll be surprised
  • Versatile – great for daily sleep, guests or travel
  • Easy to store
  • Great price without compromise on quality


  • If you don’t like floor living, you’ll need a frame. See my review of a good frame here.

In short:

No compromise on comfort for the price. The best futon for a variety of situations.


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